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THE BLACK CELL (Book 1 of the VIRION Series)

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A disgraced Mars Colonial Detective must find a scientist's killer. If he fails, Earth will fall to a viral epidemic...

Earth has been plagued with an ancient virus for centuries, killing any who breathe the unfiltered air. When an alien scientist finds that a cure is miraculously within reach, she and her staff are killed and the research destroyed by a secretive group of elite commandos.

A disgraced Martian detective is given a second chance when he's recruited to investigate, but when he finds corruption within powerful corporations, nightmarish mutants prowling the streets, and lawlessness in the undercity depths, his path to redemption will be challenged as his buried past resurfaces.

Will the Martian detective find those responsible who stole the cure in time to thwart a viral outbreak of ghoulish mutations? Find out in this debut novel, The Black Cell, Volume One in the Virion series, offering the fantastic blend of a sci-fi dystopia, mystery, action, and thriller!



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300 million credits to the one who kills the Martian, but do the best bounty hunters in Freedom City even stand a chance?

Earth Marshal Alan McKenna's investigation to find the Golden Bough detours when he apprehends a notorious hacker and tabloid nightcrawler, The Mad Black Hatter, whom informs him that the largest bounty in centuries has just landed on his head, paid by the Golden Bough itself. The hacker has connections to the Hasker Syndicate, a ring of illegal undercity information brokers that will aid him in uncovering the Golden Bough's illusive leader, for a price.

Hot on the trail of the mysterious fighter craft that attacked the Earth Naval blockade, Sky Marshal Henry Stokertakes his search to Shanghai to find the fighter wing may have ties to the Tianlong Group, the largest aerospace defense contractor in the system. When he gets too close, the Golden Bough's leader, known only by his alias, The Commander, orders the Sky Marshal's termination. After an intense dogfight, Stoker finds the proof he is after, but to go toe to toe with one of the largest corporations may spell danger, even for a Marshal.

The Commander remains hidden as he plots with bio-industrial giant ValiantCorp, funding research into his cure for the Black Cell while also securing an alliance with the notorious undercity gang, Wargame and with Naval commitment from Tianlong, he is laying his pieces for something sinister, but for what? To attack Earth? Or another entity entirely?

Only McKenna can find out, but will he discover the plot and apprehend the Commander before it's too late? Or will Earth be left to another fate? Find out in The Golden Bough.

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The 2475 Red Sector Games have arrived. And with it the spectacle of lights, sights, sounds, death, and mayhem. The Grand Prize? Not money, but something far more valuable: Information of any kind. And maybe a healthy dose of blood-stained glory...

Knee deep in the lawless and brutal depths of the undercity, McKenna enrolls into The Red Sector Games, the most coveted illegal broadcasting of festivities in the Solar System. Hosted by the legendary information broker, Hasker, the winner of The Games shall be awarded any piece of information, even that which Hasker has deemed blacklisted. The prize is enough to generate thousands to compete.

McKenna is aided by The Mad Black Hatter, a notorious hacker and the foster-daughter of Hasker. Also at his side is the sociopathic Automated Infantry bot, Humphries, recently awakened by McKenna by accident after hundreds of years. And lastly, Detective Dill Roberts, McKenna's apprehensive but loyal Interpol partner.

Together, they will enter three challenges. Sol-Fate, a high stakes card game reserved only for the wealthiest and charmfully witty. Warp-One, a race of speed demons utilizing blisteringly fast and unstable warp bikes. And lastly, the martian himself will enter the Red Fields, an evolving deathmatch that only leaves one winner of the dozens entered.

Little does the team know, each of their hidden pasts has followed them down into the undercity, and may cost them their victories, if not their lives. McKenna is one step closer to finding the identity of the Commander, but can he survive The Games? Find out in The Bloodlust.



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In McKenna's war between himself, Freedom City, and the Golden Bough, he will learn that being human will kill you...

Elliot Draeger, once an Earth Federation scientist, was once motivated by curing the Black Cell. As a man of science, there was no solution he could not pursue in the name of human betterment. Now, years later, he has emerged as The Commander with a burning hatred for the Revente. Now he has created a new prize, Renatus, a genetically selective cure to the Black Cell, and he will risk everything to protect it. Armed with a deadly alliance with the notorious undercity gang Wargame, the naval might of the Tianglong Group, and the confidence of an ancient Order, Draeger aims to spark an uprising with the goal of uniting Earth against the Revente, Earth already sharing an animosity with the spacefaring species.

After being blackballed by the Earth Council, McKenna invokes the Seventh Mandate, the secret directive of an Earth Marshal to break all established laws in order to preserve the greater good, and uses it to hunt Draeger with the full force of Interpol's ISTF Division. But unknown to him, Draeger is calculated, experienced, and blinded by vision while McKenna is tranced with correcting a past that cannot be undone. An idea has poisoned them both and nothing will stop them from meeting their fates.

McKenna makes a final attempt to fulfill the wish of his dead lover, to be more than human. But in a world where such ideas kill the innocent and make villians of individuals, will McKenna save Freedom City from the grips of a new plague fueled insurrection, or die trying? The conclusion to the Virion series ends in The Perdition.